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Women in Business

Women in Business

Learn the 12 natural talents all Women in Business possess to achieve success in her career and life. Read more »

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Keep score in the workplace. From the pay gap to work-life balance, discover statistics about women in the corporate work force. Read more »

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Briefcase Essentials, Women in Business is now available as an eBook. Click to purchase the Kindle edition on Read more »

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Use every opportunity to raise your voice and make it count. Listen to Lively Banter with the Guys. Read more »

Women in Business have arrived!

Briefcase Essentials - Women in Business

I started this website and wrote Briefcase Essentials Women in Business, a soon-to-be-published book, to share with you my personal stories and hands-on advice for women. No more putting off for tomorrow what you can achieve today. Use the 12 necessary skills in Briefcase Essentials to make a difference in your business and life. To find out more about Briefcase Essentials click here. Your daughters and granddaughters are counting on you to lead the way….Susan T. Spencer

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